our goodwill ambassadors


Leone is a very special child I had the pleasure of meeting a few years ago. I immediately fell in love with him, with his sensitivity and zest for life.

When he gave me his first hug I experienced it as a great gift.

There are many Leone around us and we must help and support them without ever ignoring their difficulties.

That’s why I decided and why I am so proud to support the Mente Foundation, which aims to help children and young people with neurodevelopmental disorders


I feel the need to know that children like Leone can grow up free. Grow up protected by who does not understand them, by those who are unable and by those who do not want to, because raised in a stupid, bigot social environment that makes judgment its worst weapon. MENTE FOUNDATION makes me think of a context nourished by curiosity and love for non-canonical communication, in favor of information that has so far been almost absent on the subject of neurodiversity. Leone’s eyes, his gaze, stuck in my mind for days, he doesn’t need words to tell you a million things. I don’t need his words, but I feel that he needs ours, as long as they are driven by curiosity, interest, encounter and desire to earn a hug. Because when I met him I thought that Leone only loves you if you really deserve it.